One Day Muscat City Tour- Discover the charming city of Muscat

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One Day Muscat City Tour- Discover the charming city of Muscat

Our one day exploration of beautiful Muscat begins with the grand Royal Opera house which is Oman’s main centre for global arts and culture. We shall then visit the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, which serves as one of the greatest and most impressive highlights of Oman tourism. This grand structure is a manifestation of Oman’s incredible prowess in architecture.

We shall then move on to the renowned Amouage Perfumery, which produces the most expensive perfumes, the signature brand Amouage. The factory tour will intrigue you with the stories behind the perfume lines and the lovely fragrance tickling your nose.

Next we move towards the mostly busy Muttrah fish and vegetable market, which is usually echoing the sounds of haggling customers and determined sellers. We move on to the well-known bustling Muttrah Souq. The souq is a great place to explore with hundreds of interesting things to shop like traditional handicrafts, perfumes and ouds, clothes, shawls and stoles and different varieties of antiques.

We shall take a relaxing walk along the landmark Muttrah Corniche, and then move along the Sultan’s Palace which sits beside the sixteenth century Portuguese forts of Jalali and Mirani.

The Bait Al Zubair is a museum that houses trademark pieces of Oman’s remarkable history and tradition, and this shall be where we go next. This will be followed by lunch from a local restaurant.

Post lunch, we shall move on to the fisherman’s village Qantab to get a flavor of the coastal airs. We shall explore the Bandar Khayran, which is a lovely retreat with its beautiful beaches, clear waters, coral reefs and colorful marine life. We visit the Khayran village and move on to the magical Wadi Mayh which is a lush valley that houses high limestone cliffs, date plantations.

You can catch glimpses of goats and donkeys freely walking around. We could have photo stops here and an off-road drive for about 20 minutes.

  • Highlight: Discovering Omani architecture, culture and tradition
  • Duration:  8 hours (08:30 AM - 4:30 PM)