Dolphin Watching

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Dolphin Watching

Dolphins visit the shores of Oman in large numbers each year. Muscat and Musandam are famous for dolphin watching, although this pastime is also widespread in A’Sharqiyah South Governorate and Al Wasta Governorate, in addition to the southernmost Dhofar Governorate.

The types of dolphins that typically visit Oman are:

  • Indian Ocean Dolphins,
  • the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins,
  • Russo’s Dolphins,
  • Common Bottle Nose Dolphins,
  • Indo-Pacific Bottle Nose Dolphins,
  • Rough-toothed Dolphins,
  • Pantropical Spotted Dolphins,
  • Striped Dolphins,
  • Spinner Dolphins, and
  • Long-Beaked Common Dolphins.


  • Timings:      First trip start at 08:00 AM (Duration 2 hours) / Second trip start at 10:00 AM (Duration 2 hours) 
  • Price:          OMR 15 per adult / OMR 7.5 child under 10 years / child under 3 years free of charge.
  • Included:    Water, Soft drinks, Frist Aid Kit, Lifejacket, Boat Skipper.