Camping and Roof top tent

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Camping and Roof top tent

Roof top tent


All UD roof top tents are supplied ready for use right out of the box—just mount to your standard roof rack cross bars, add bedding, and go!



The UD roof top tent is unique— it is built on an internal sub-frame incorporating insulating foam sandwich construction. The subframe is so strong and light that these tents, unlike other rooftop tents, do not require an expedition basket to support them. They mount directly to standard roof rack cross bars, such as Thule or Yakima. This insulated design also minimizes condensation under the mattress. If water does get into the tent, it is channeled away from the mattress.


The slim, aerodynamic fiberglass shell of the Maggiolina is made of durable, high quality fiberglass—laid up by hand in the factory. The result is a smooth, washable, easily maintained exterior that will last for many years of hard use. Tough and long-lasting, this design appeals for other reasons—it is dust and waterproof, and offers minimal air resistance while traveling.