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Product Benefits

Advantages of ECO2FUME® fumigant gas compared to traditional fumigants:

  • Non-flammable – This eliminates spontaneous flammability associated with metal Phosphides, which can cause fires within the fumigated space  
  • Fast-acting  – Required concentration levels are achieved in minutes or hours, not days
  • Easy application and control  – ECO2FUME® is pre-mixed and operators can easily vary concentration levels and exposure periods, ensuring elimination of all insect stages  
  • Enhanced worker safety  – ECO2FUME® fumigant gas comes in ready-to-use cylinders that eliminates worker contact 
  • No waste generation or disposal  – ECO2FUME® gas yields no waste by-products and is residue free
  • Environmentally friendly  – Unlike alternatives, ECO2FUME® gas will not harm the ozone layer
  • Cost-effective - Refer to Cytec’s Material Safety Data Sheet, EPA approved product label and application manual for safe handling information